Effective use of time is a key trait of success

I would not dwell on with the importance of time in one’s life, but would just present to you how can anyone manage his time properly and utilize it in proper manner. The time for now is limited unless we discover a way to slow down time, by building a gravitational void or device which could minimize our interaction with spacetime. These ideas seem unreal for now as we don’t have the technology and mind to build it.

What is time management?

Quantum field are something which you may be unaware of, but it influences us in a lot of ways.

What is quantum field theory?

You may be knowing that there are electromagnetic fields as you may have influenced with the use of an electromagnet. These fields are found near the electromagnet and are said to cause them to attract things which lie on this field. In a quantum level or on the level of atoms which are tiny unit which consist of tiny particles called an electron, proton, and neutron. Of which, proton and neutron are indeed composed of quarks which have the gluon field…

I being an atheist was always stung by this question to which I researched and found these.

In Hinduism, which is based on the Hindu principles. The Hindu philosophy doesn’t mention that one has to believe in God as it is based on simple life. The word God hasn’t been mentioned until the eighth mandala, which states that the human of that period were unable to get an answer to the question of how they were created so to answer that they created or termed god which was first considered to be human who were thought to have evolved creating…

Every material is useful and can be used in a variety of ways.


We humans since the age of civilization have been using a material and after new innovation throw that material for a new one. In this process we generate a lot of waste which is formed as we throw material we don’t use. This material finds itself inside a landfill, getting burned or thrown up on streets but those material which we called waste can be used in a lot of ways. For example, an old smartphone can be used in a lot of ways like the precious…

A detailed article about how modern India really is?

Wearing modern clothing and having the latest equipment and technology doesn’t make you modern. Being modern is about a thinking. Modernization first took place in Western Europe in the 16th century as a way to question the authorities of the church which had become corrupt and had been doing bad with the people. After that it has spread across the world. But the question is how modern are we. How often do we question people around us of what they are doing. We even don’t want to change things which are…

If we all are human beings, why is everyone not treated equally.

The Problem

Our constitution states everyone is equal, but we still do not treat everyone equally. We often mistreat and disrespect the people on the basis of their wealth, caste, creed, gender, religion, races though we all are the same human beings. The differences within us should never come on the way to equality. We form clans on the basis of them rather than on the basis of work and hold grudges against each other. We have a bad habit of prejudice within us which prevents us from uniting. …

Think about life as a second and then analyze don’t you find more variables than constants.

Variables — Meaning

Variable is an unknown quantity. Anything that is unknown to us is a variable. It is a mathematical term for describing numbers which are not know to us. For example in an equation 3x +2y = 10; in this equation the x and y are variables and their value varies time by time. The Opposite of Variable is a Constant which is a number whose value doesn’t vary at anytime. …

This article is based on lifetime of different species.

A general lifetime of certain animals.


Every living species has its own different lifetime with regard to certain conditions. We observe the world around and tend to get certain observation with that we get data which needs to be processed to get accurate prediction and analysis. One can say that through different lifetime and sizes there can be a prediction made that greater the size greater is the age. This prediction doesn’t seem to oblige with certain animals such as tortoise, parrot, and eel.

If we go to the depth every animal takes relatively same number of…

Our brain is an organ which is required by us in every moment of life. It is what forms the intelligence which is the thing that set us aside from the rest living species found on the planet. Some people call the heart as the most important organ, but the heart’s functioning is based on the medulla oblangata, which is a part of the brain. It is the center of all activities of the body. Even all the senses work in coordination with brain as we want to see, touch, hear, smell, and taste what our brain wants to do…

This is not any scientific method but this is a simple method of preventing food loss.

Food is wasted by us in lot of ways. We eat food but we always have some part of the meal always on the plate which gets wasted. Some of the food is kept long by us and hence it gets stale due to rotting of the vegetative matter. While harvesting and transport some part of the food is wasted due to improper machinery and transport facilities. To get optimum use of the food one has to harvest it on a perfect period which…

Parth Sarda

I am just a student looking out in the vast world. I am interested in Science, Humanity. I love to explore new things and to find out the truth behind things.

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