Modernization in India

A detailed article about how modern India really is?

Wearing modern clothing and having the latest equipment and technology doesn’t make you modern. Being modern is about a thinking. Modernization first took place in Western Europe in the 16th century as a way to question the authorities of the church which had become corrupt and had been doing bad with the people. After that it has spread across the world. But the question is how modern are we. How often do we question people around us of what they are doing. We even don’t want to change things which are wrong like pollution, spread of hatred, wrong facts. Misinformation spreads due to all these things because we believe what is said to us.

Modernization is about modern ideas and free will. Still there are a lot of hoaxes who make us believe through fear that a wrong would happen if we didn’t do it. Believe in only that can be proved by reason is the basis of modernization. Many modern thinker questions that Indian society is really modern as we still believe in everything that is said to us by administration, religious authorities, people. We don’t even think 🤔 ourselves of what is right or wrong. If a politician says that we would make the country the best without even looking at how he would do that we believe in it. If a priest says that we should perform some act or do something we simply believe in him rather than thinking ourselves. We after finding a rumour start believing in it. If anyone of us does these all he is a modern thinker.

Why is India lacking modernization?

  1. Religious monopoly
    Many saints and priest trick us in a lot of ways. They say something is one of the biggest lies to us and loot us by asking for money for solutions, work, and religious ceremonies. It has been found that most of the priest doesn’t know the meaning of prayer they are reciting. They ask money in the name of god, which according to many holy books doesn’t want anything but to do your responsibility. Giving money, food on temples is another thing which according to any true saint is incorrect. Many great saints and thinkers like Kabir, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Gadge Baba thought that should be given to the people who are poor and needy. We most of the time follow things which the society does, but society is a lot of time incorrect. We should think about everything we do as the God lies within us. Furthermore, we should do only the thing which is reasonable so to build a modern society.
  2. High Authorities Tyranny
    We should know what is right for us and should not fear from higher authorities. We should be liberal and should stand up against the wrong work done by the government. We should not support corruption in any form as it would affect the country as the money being spent on the country leading to less growth of the country. Le should not fear standing up if something wrong is being done to us. Likewise, we should rather than making the authorities more powerful we should try to reduce their control on us by testing them and by giving them feedback so that they could make it better for us.
  3. Use of Science
    Science is a subject of reason and everything that goes around us. The complexity of science makes it difficult for a lot of things to understand and still we have numerous things to understand. We should use the power of Science to make people more powerful. We must not ignore scientific facts while making decisions. Science should not be used to spread rumours like Phone causes Cancer, which was just a study without any based argument. We must look forward to finding out the truth. We should develop scientific temper, which is the basis of modernization.
  4. Societal follower
    People should believe in himself and should not always think that the society is correct. There are lots of social evils which are still prevalent like inequality between women and the divide between caste, creed, religion, wealth that society creates must be stopped to make it a modern society. We must not think that society is always correct. We must believe in our self and do what we think as right. It all starts with I if you have to make a change in society. You are different individuals and hence don’t be scared to be different as being different is better for your development. In a modern society everyone has the liberty to follow what he wants ,and it enables him to become better at things which would not have been possible he would have thought of society.


Modernisation always doesn’t mean “how we dress"
Sometimes it’s about “how we think".

I am just a student looking out in the vast world. I am interested in Science, Humanity. I love to explore new things and to find out the truth behind things.