Time Management matters!

Effective use of time is a key trait of success

I would not dwell on with the importance of time in one’s life, but would just present to you how can anyone manage his time properly and utilize it in proper manner. The time for now is limited unless we discover a way to slow down time, by building a gravitational void or device which could minimize our interaction with spacetime. These ideas seem unreal for now as we don’t have the technology and mind to build it.

Time management is the process of planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity. In other words, a simple way of perfectly managing time by planning everything and working according to plan. It is a way that enables you to perfectly manage your time in different criteria like, entertainment, work, daily routine, studies etc. Effectively managing time gives a person edge over other, as he plans everything in prior and enables him to do things effectively. Due to the finiteness of time there is a great need of managing your time, so that you are able to do all your work in required time, such that you don’t miss any key element. There are a lot of time management system which are practised by people. They all have the same motive of proper usage of a precious resource of time.

The following are ways of proper time management:

  1. Creating an environment that supports effectiveness.
  2. Setting of priorities, in case of work.
  3. Reduction in time spent in non priorities.
  4. Setting up a short term goal which is based on the long term goal of a person.
  5. Doing the work accordingly.

Many of us even by knowing the importance of time management are not able to do time management. This happens due to lots of things, many of them have been stated down below.

The following are some reasons for poor time management:

  1. Poor planning skills
  2. Failing to set priorities
  3. Not Having clear goals
  4. Being unmotivated
  5. Lack of concentration
  6. Bad at estimating time required for a particular task
  7. Reluctant in doing your work.

Tips for improving in time management:

  1. You need to plan a task and divide it into smaller section, which could be done daily by setting aside some time, which could be kept in case of an urgency.
  2. Prioritize your work on the basis of importance. If something is important for you and your work, keep it high in your priority list. Do your work according to your priorities for better results.
  3. Setup goals to give importance to a particular thing in life which is more important to you in life than others. Set up your priorities on the basis of goals to give more importance to the more significant task.
  4. Motivation is something that inspires you to do your work within the time limit. Motivation could be taken from anything like your aspiration instilling you with motivation or from another source. It could prove effective for you to manage time for something that motivates you.
  5. You need to focus on things which are important to you. Concentration could be acquired by thinking about your priorities and focusing on them. It enables you to do a particular work with your might.
  6. We are often bad at analysing ourselves, and our time usage. We many a time, while managing time, leave out things which needs to be done. It then leads to poor time management. You need to analyse your time needs by accurately measuring the time that it takes you to do a particular job, then make plan for the future.
  7. Many people are reluctant in doing their work as they procrastinate to do their work on time. We need to make a schedule in such a way that we use time according to our priorities and goals. Such a schedule of time management would prevent us from being reluctant at our work.

Try to follow these tips to get results.

Benefits of time management
  1. Less stress
  2. Balance in life
  3. More freedom of using time efficiently
  4. Greater focus
  5. Higher level of productivity
  6. Less procrastination
  7. Less distraction
  8. High levels of energy
  9. Makes life simpler and easier.

Nobody among us is perfect at time management but, we can be good at it by making correct decisions at the correct time, and to make a schedule in such a way that we are able to do all our work properly. We need to plan such a schedule for us that we do all our work in time with the time to take regular breaks. In order to do this we need to perfectly assess our time between break and work. Time management is a great way to strive towards success by managing one of our most important resources, time. It could be a weapon in your artillery of life, which could help you to reach your destiny.

Everyone has the same 24 hours, the question is what do you choose to do with yours.

Here’s a couple of videos for you about time management:



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