Think about life as a second and then analyze don’t you find more variables than constants.

Variables — Meaning

Variables in Life

Variable though being a mathematical term can be used to describe life and its state of affairs. Life from the start never remains a fact as it changes throughout its course. We even don’t know what tomorrow holds for us. Even the slightest of the thing is a variable like a grain of sand which blows away as the wind moves. We from the start to the end are marked by the variables of life like going to school than college than work than retirement and the end. We are often in a moral dilemma that we and our surroundings are eternal and will be forever, but the truth is that we all variables that the life has. Leading from our emotions, ambitions, thinking etc. are all variables which change in the passage of time. We are the entropy of this vast universe which goes from a state of order to disorder with the arrow of time.

We are in a delusion that we will be the same forever but like it’s said that even a diamond is not forever. Our thinking of being a constant forever is short-lived. There hadn’t been a bigger delusion than we being constant. We from the start have different phases which vary and are relative to us as we progress. We have our moments like happy, sad, joyous, fascinating, shocking, etc. Our surroundings like the building, houses, parks change continuously. From the objects in science like Symmetry, fields, and particles which change their form repeatedly. The state of human life though not accepted to our brains is a variable to which we constantly evolve like the recent development in technology. We sometimes even like these variables of life as the life is never a constant.

Time as a Variable

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